Ryan refuses to use the stairs to get in and out.. May 2009 My kids just love the water. May 2009
This is kinda redneckish.. LOL May 2009 Ryan mowing the grass... LOL May 2009
Tyler May 2009 Have you ever seen a 3 year old mow the grass?
May 2009 Run around and chase Zac May 2009
Ryan and Tyler playing with the cards, April 2009 The boys swimming in the pool May 2009
May 2009-- Tyler learned how to swim with arm floats about 4 days ago!! He is doing GREAT! May 2009
May 2009 May 2009
Tyler in the pool May 2009 May 2009
Danny diving into the pool May 2009 Danny jumping into the pool splashing Zac. May 2009
Animal Sounds May 2009  
Do the plane Count to ten
Tyler counting so good A bit of the Ryan attitude..
Itsy Bitsy Spider ABC's with Tyler
ABC's with Ryan and more attitude Playing cars with daddy
More cars May 2009 Tyler playing the cars with daddy